Juravel & Company, LLC - Certified Public Accountants
Firm Profile

Juravel & Company is a Full-Service CPA Firm specializing in Small Business Consulting in Alpharetta, Georgia.

From our office in Alpharetta, Georgia, we are geared for the information age. We have installed state-of-the-art equipment and telecommunication technology. We place a signigicant value on continuing education, research and community involvement. These activities keep us current with the latest techniques and new developments in the areas of accounting and business resources.

The tradition of the accountant as a green eye-shaded bean counter is lovely in a Norman Rockwell painting, but just doesn't cut it when it's your business. Now is the time to join our team to get the benefits available to our select clientele.


Our Mission is to provide our clients with the information and access to resources enabling them to successfully grow their businesses. We offer a full range of business services and maintain our competitive edge continuing our investment in education, technology and most importantly, our people.


Business is much more than numbers on a page. Most accounting firms can competently prepare financial statements. At Juravel & Company, LLC we aim higher.

Our commitment doesn't end when the financial statements or tax returns are delivered. As a dynamic service organization, our focus is not limited to just the historical aspects of your company's finances. Our responsibility is to assist our clients in growing their businesses. Among the unique benefits of choosing our team is our commitment to a systematic approach to business analysis, utlitzing state of the art technology to add real value.

We provide our clients a commitment in writing. We will be honest and open with you. We will work diligently with you to implement business strategies. We are so confident in the ability to provide timely service that we guarantee it!

We ask our clients to make a commitment to us. We demand that clients respond to our proactive approach by devoting the necessary time and resources to achieve the objectives.


We are always keeping a watchful eye out for you and your business. This hippo pool is located in Serengeti National Park.